Yasmin Kianfar Identity

Felt I was pretty close to a presentable concept on last Dribbble, so have taken the comments of a few of you and made those suggested changes. Thanks Rogie, Mattia, Sean, Seath. Putting quite a lot of faith into this first idea as its the only one Yasmin will have seen (she has not seen anything yet), and if it's off the mark, back to the drawing board. :)

This image is using a portion of one of her actual fashion shots, so just helps put the ID in perspective.

Mock-up Poster
Sunglass Packaging
Sunglass Stamp
Mock-up Business Card
White & Black Backgrounds

Tweaked the YK mark, opened up the bowl in the 'y', thinned out the general weight of the letters and created a more noticeable slope down to the right on the baseline.

Some subtle spacing changes in the main wording, as well as changing font for the tag line. So far, Yasmin has not requested a tag line, so my 'England/London' is just as a placeholder.

Opened up vertical spacing between each of the 3 elements. Main font is still FF ScalaCaps with Gotham Bold for the tag line.

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