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Rebound - Pluralsight Design Sticker

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Saw Justin Mezzell's Pluralsight sticker and wanted to experiment more with C4D's "toon" material.

Justin's original:

I attached the C4D file, so feel free to download and see how it was created!

TLDR to get the effect:
1. Create a "sketch" material. That's under "Materials > New Sketch Material".

2. Double click the material. Go to "Stroke" channel. Set the material's stroke thickness to whatever you want. I had two materials, a 2px and 4px stroke.

3. Apply the materials to specific edges. By default the toon material will apply to all edges with more than a particular angle. You can apply the toon material to specific edges by first selecting the specific edges you want, then go to "select > set selection" which will save the selection as a little triangle tag next to your object. Then add your sketch material to the object. Click on your object's sketch material tag, go to "selection" and drag your edge selection tag into this editor.

4. Go to render settings. Click on "sketch and toon". Under shading, change the "quantize" value to 1. That's basically saying how many different color values to have for shading. We just want the color or black... so that's only 1 shade :)

5. For any shapes you want to be black, just make a black colored material! I think I did this for the pluralsight logo and those screw holes.

6. Create a single light above the object. You want the light to be small and far away, so it makes a strong shadow.

So that's about it! Let me know if you have any questions :)

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