Prakhar Neel Sharma

Airtm Virtual card assignment (Home)

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Imagine Airtm were to add a prepaid virtual debit card functionality to give users access to spending the funds on their Airtm account anywhere that visa or master is accepted online. Please create view for the place where you access your card information. Please include the following functionalities :
1. Buy card
2. Fund card
3. Card balance
4. Cancel or block card
5. Transaction history
6. Transaction details
7. Anything else that is missing or you would like user to give access to
This screen is for the first time view. When user comes to the virtual card section for the very first time. MOre pages will be joining soon to complete the flow. At the end I will share the whole process DOC, my journey from scratch to end about creation process and design approach. Stay tuned. Many thanks for reading it and liking it.

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