Chicago Bulls from the Jordan/Pippen era is my favorite sports team of all times! I had like trillions of T-shirts and shorts with this logo and played hoops in it with my troops. It got me that much that I had an old pair of Nike Airs and sprayed them red just to match my outfit :)

But I always thought that there's a room for some improvements on the logo. It's one of the rare logos that hasn't been touched since day one (made in 1966) and yes, I just dared to play with it a bit. Biggest change is this direct basketball reference - you can now see recognizable lines from the ball applied to the bull's forehead! I've actually retouched all elements: curved the head on the top, added some shadows on the horns, redesigned ears and the entire eye area and added shadows below for more aggressive look, redesigned the nostrils and replaced the mouth line with just the curve on enclosure below. Hope you all like it!

I dedicate this rebound to my best friend Branimir Jedvaj who passed away 2 years ago, he would turn 36 in 5 days from today (26th Nov). Rest in peace my brother, I think of you every single day and we all miss you beyond words.

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