Personal Site Facelift

Personal Site Facelift

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I have been noodling on how the next iteration of my blog should look/feel/behave. I built my website,, using some cowboy coding and live in-the-browser design a couple of months ago.

Now I am coming back with a sharper eye and fine-tuning my own personal brand, adding my portfolio, and trying out some new things that aren't quite ready for client work yet.

This is my first sketch, a murkier, yet more bold approach to my already subtle colors. The current design is minimal and washed out (in a good way) and I knew from the beginning that the next iteration would be darker, deeper, and more contrasty.

I'll be giving sneak peeks along the way as I flesh out some of the UI details.

Comments and critiques are welcome!

Check out the full pixels in the shot.

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