Impostor Syndrome Book Cover

The cover of an extremely special project for the brand team here at Mailchimp.

This summer, I helped lead the Mailchimp brand team in the design and development of this book on our team's individual experiences with impostor syndrome. Each spread in the book is one or two individual's personal reflections on their experiences with feeling like you just don't belong. The team was free to tell their story in whatever way made sense to them. Some used photography, others illustration and some with the written word. The finished product was given out to attendees at this year's Brand New Conference in Las Vegas, NV.

Everyone brought a piece of themselves to this book and I couldn't be more proud. I'll be posting more of the interior in the coming days! So excited to finally share this piece with the world :)

Photographed by one of our amazingly talented Mailchimp staff photographers Albrica Tierra– find her on Instagram:

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