iTunes 11 - Mini Player

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  1. Michael Shanks Michael Shanks

    i'm looking forward to iTunes 11 (whenever it gets released) but one thing i'm looking forward to using is the new mini player, it's small and simple to use but i wanted to make some changes :)

    the top image is Apples version and the bottom 2 are mine, i wanted to sort out the spacing and alignment of some of the elements and wanted to see how it may look with a dark version.

    this is just a quick mock just to see it differently.

    feel free to leave it some love :)

    over 1 year ago

  2. Joost van der Ree Joost van der Ree

    I like it! The middle one feels very native, like OSX notifications. I'm not a big fan of the current (chrome) one by Apple.

    One thing: I would go for a bit lighter buttons. Black on white seems a bit harsh.


    over 1 year ago

  3. Michael Shanks Michael Shanks

    @Joost van der Ree cheers dude, i agree with Apple current look, it's not as shiney and nice.

    The black and white is a little harsh, i was going to make it more dark grey something like #2D2D2D so i may do that now :)



    over 1 year ago

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