Mike Lemos

Thrice As Nice! Triceratops

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I'm passionate about dinosaurs (who ain't?), that plus needing an excuse to do some inking, along with a bit of stippling, and wanting to do some of my favorites like the triceratops you see here and of course pterodactyls (sorry to those of you that demand accuracy with your dinos, I mean after all, he's riding a friggin' tricycle, okay?!) So here ya go folks a nice little scene to go into my Dino Warp™
brand which I'll be posting here as I go along with other designs in the line.
Hope you like this and the lettering I created for the piece.
This is a combo of both hand drawn inks, vector work (Adobe Illustrator), digital inks (Clip Studio Paint) and digital color (Photoshop).
Thanks for lookin'!

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