Nonprofit/Low Budget Brochure Design

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I'm not sure if it's helps or hurts a project when there's a low budget (or no budget). On the one hand, it limits your options significantly, but on the other hand, the constraints provide a challenge to be creative within those constraints.

In this case, there's too much copy for a brochure that must be printed in-house on non-commercial printers... which means: small, low quality paper, low quality printing, no edge to edge printing, limiting the amount of color used, and it all has to be squeezed on one piece of paper. Plus, you better believe there's going to be a black and white version of this too, since color ink is $$!

I wish I could include more pages, images, white space, color, and use thick and glossy paper.... but hey, you have to work with what you've got! Saving money here means using that nonprofit budget for helping more people.

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