Spot illustrations for hotel booking platform FindHotel

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These are a few of the spot illustrations we did for hotel booking platform FindHotel.

Each illustration accompanied one of FindHotel's 'superpowers'; a set of features and usability wins to help users find the best hotel deals. The metaphors used in the illustrations also sifted through in smaller components like iconography.

The bird theme stems from the brand concept we called Bird-Eye-View. As a backstory; the Birds-Eye-View concept was the narrative that would form the back bone of the FindHotel Brand Identity. It was all about grasping the bigger picture (having an incredibly comprehensive overview of all available hotel deals), while also swiftly flying and zooming in on details of a particular deal. Of course FindHotel being a player in the travel/booking industry also helped us choose a brand concept that would feature an animal that would match FindHotel's values and character.

Made with the Yummygum team

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