Todo App – Dark Mode

Hi everyone 👋
This is my concept of connecting two, in my opinion, related things: calendar events and todos.
I wanted to explore the idea of having two "things to do" in one place, like an important meeting and shopping list for example.

So here, the calendar event is a todo itself, you can think about it as another task to complete. You are able to attach todo list inside the event description and treat it as an agenda or leave it as it is.

After saving the event, the user cannot add another task at the same time to limit the level of anxiety and increase focus on one thing at a time.

And finally, I've created dark mode for some extra challenge and prepare simple transition to show you the comparison.

P.S. 👉 You find a sketch file attached to this shot, you are more than welcome to download and play with it.

Thanks for watching! Hope you guys like it!

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