Yasmin approached me a few weeks ago to see if I would be willing to take on a relatively urgent project, to create her identity by Christmas. Yasmin is a promising young fashion designer, already featured in many publications and has her first range coming out next year.

This is the first of a few ideas presented.

Main wording is set in FFScala Caps, with Relay Black for the tag line. Enlargement of font details

Fashion designer brands are typically typographic in nature, strong focus on type, with a few designers opting for a mark of sorts. Yasmin wanted her initials as a way to help strengthen awareness with her full name, especially when used to brand clothing etc. We looked at a number of competing brands to gauge which style of typefaces were most common, then I looked to find a font that was relatively unique, but still fitting of a fashion designer

In her own words...
"The brand Yasmin Kianfar is essentially innovative at its core and strives to produce beautiful and strong pieces that are ultimately sensual and feminine. The aim is to resolve fashion's fickle relationship with its wearer by producing elegant distinctive garments that have an iconic and timeless appeal."

Website : Yasmin Kianfar
Her market focuses on the higher end of ladies fashion.

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