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Welcome to the first-ever Typecast Typography Contest!

To celebrate our public beta launch, we're challenging everyone to get their type on.

Here's a quote we've taken from Wilson Miner's talk at last year's Build Conference. Show off your design chops by transforming it into something stunning.

The rules:

• Enter the competition by posting your rebound here.
• You must design with web fonts and in your post include a link to a live HTML and CSS example of your rebound.
• Rebounds may include imagery, but submissions will be judged mainly on their use of type.
• You may use Typecast to create your design, but this isn’t mandatory.
• You may enter as many rebounds of this quote as you like.
• You may also enter rebounds for our Liz Danzico and Tim Brown quotes.

For more about this contest and its prizes, visit our blog.

19 Rebounds

  1. Just Things - Wilson Miner
  2. Wilson
  3. Wilson Type1
  4. These Things

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