Give Thanks - Sketch

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  1. Brandon Leedy Brandon Leedy

    Working on a large "Give Thanks" poster for this Thanksgiving. The kerning between the "I" and "V" and the size of the "T" and "S" is a bit off. But otherwise, it was successful in helping me figure out the letter forms and look. -Thankfully- I have room to fix it in Illustrator.

    I can't wait to show off the details I've sketched up for inside and outside the words. (They're on a series of thumbnail sketches that I don't want to spoil just yet.) But I can assure you, it's gonna be a lot of fun to make!

    over 1 year ago

  2. The final print version of this poster will most likely be an unfinished casualty of the holiday time crunch, so I figured I should show how far I got before it gets buried by Christmas work and other freelance I.D. work to close out the year.

    It's always a bummer when I have a great start to a design and then have to stop short because of time constraints. I do wonder how some designers manage to crank out side projects, on top of the paid design work, and not get burnt out. Ha the perils of freelance it seems? Ah well, I guess it's a lesson to remember to start earlier next year! (...and with this I'll have a head start.)

    But, design aside, I hope all my celebrating friends on Dribbble have a Happy Thanksgiving with their loved ones!

    over 1 year ago

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