R.I.P Gal Yuri

It's a black day for any of us who knew Yuri Galitsyn personally and those who are familiar with his work. A great artist who no longer is among us.

Saddened by the sinister news I got from @Yana Makarevich that hit me like a rock this afternoon.

Although I knew there was something going on like a month or two ago, I didn't expect his time was coming to an end so soon at the age of 40.

Yuri was a great artist who I respected and admired for his work. To me he was a milestone in illustrative design. Like a lot of us I was particularly drawn to his distinctive style, which was undoubtedly evident in making him one of the most inspiring artists in our field.

I was fortunate enough to be given his positive permission to finish off a piece he was working on for a project during his hospital stay and which he kindly consented - bull's head shown faded in the background.

I have no words left to express the loss of a true talent who never ceased to amaze me. I'm thankful that Yuri has left us with a legacy of wonderfully inspiring work. Undoubtedly his unique talent will be remembered and unequalled.

My thoughts go out to his mother, family and friends. I wish them all the best in finding strength and peace through a difficult time.

Мои соболезнования семье, близким, друзьям.

будем помнить.

Rest In Peace brother.

Gert van Duinen
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