AAA Internal Communications Hub - Interchange

We were tasked with designing the brand-new user experience for AAA's newest endeavor, a digital internal communications tool for their staff's national communications.

For such a huge project, we really took our time making sure all the proper steps were taken into account throughout the whole approval process.

We worked through strategizing their users' workflows, wireframing the interface, interactively prototyped the wires, designed a new style guide and components guide, and finally, designed a full high-fidelity prototype.

Our final product was a fully interactive online news-platform experience with flexible content-rich regions for a great article writing experience, and a detailed, yet well-organized multi-categorical news dashboard.

We were super proud to have created such an exciting and well thought out communications hub for AAA's employees, and are excited to see how they use it to spread their great company-wide news nationwide.

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