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Revisited iPhone home screen

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Revisited iPhone home screen iphone home screen ui interface icons concept minimal ios7 ios

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Knowing that Sir Jonathan Ive will be in charge for all human interfaces is a real joy for me.

I tried to imagine what the home screen of the iPhone could look like in a minimalistic feel.
I kept it almost intact, just tried to "Ive-it" a little, so no awesome new functions, just a visual improvement.
See the attachments for a a bigger view.

I used Myriad and Myriad light for the texts, Adam Whitcroft's Climaicons and Timothy J. Reynolds' awesome wallpaper for the background.

It's just the beginning of a concept to play with pixels on my spare time, so don't be to rude on n UX point of view.

What's your feeling about this? :-)

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