Maugers Meats - Logo Explorations

Logo explorations for Maugers Meats.

It's a family run butchery located in Burrawang, New South Wales, Australia on The Southern Highlands. The company dates back 40 years and are well known for premium quality meats and great catering services.

It's a real honor to get to create a re-branding for them and I've just gotten started on making a lot of concept explorations today. I feel like these two turned out the strongest so far.

Their old logo had a banner and they wanted to keep that for recognition.

Regarding the palette. Their old logo were in blue tones and they wanted to stick to that as well, but they were open to suggestions, so I wanted to try and work with something red/orange/beige like I've used in this presentation. It feels more "meaty" to me, but I'm not sure.

So all feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Thanks. I'm gonna go have a steak now, because working on this has made me very hungry.


Update - Added some stamp mock ups. Check em out here:
Top Concept Stamp & Bottom Concept Stamp

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