Eyedrop.me app is alive!

While you were watching President Obama getting re-elected, we silently launched our little side project.

What it does:
✓ Pulls colors from any website's stylesheet
✓ Pulls colors from images
✓ Lets you edit RGB values and save
✓ Lets you send swatches to your Photoshop with a single tap
✓ Lets you send swatches to your friends via email as ASE attachments
✓ Keeps history of websites and images you eyedropped
✓ Pleases your eyes with a mix of skeuomorphic and simplistic design elements
✓ Has a hidden feature you're going to have to find

What's next:
❏ Visual enhancements
❏ Features you request from me and Nicholas

What you need to do:
Get the app — it's free
❏ Play with it, use all features
❏ Follow the designer and developer
❏ Spread the love, it's a free app for nerds like us, let other nerds know
❏ Focus, execute and ship something

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