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OpenInvest - Institutional Dashboard - Model new portfolio

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Hi Dribbblers!

Have you already seen the Institutional Dashboard created for great guys from OpenInvest? If not, you definitely should catch up, because what you can see above is an alternative way of modeling a new portfolio that I presented yesterday.

🧐What's going on here?
In this flow users can build their portfolio by themselves, based only on customer requirements and their own experience. By choosing any of the parameters assigned to the value and finance categories, they create a unique profiles which can be then assigned to a particular users' account.

⚡️What was the challenge?
Understanding the complexities of the US financial market was in this case crucial because of the automatically generated results in the final screen. What does the Tax-Loss Harvesting toggle change? The simplest answer is - EVERYTHING!


💸About OpenInvest
OpenInvest is probably the only platform on the market that allows you invest in line with your values, such as pro-LGBTQ, environment care, fighting deforestation and so on. For more info, take a stroll through
Have a nice day!

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