Bridgette Bryant

Believe in Yourself Hoodie Sweatshirt Design

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I am launching the How to Ascend motivational shop today and this is one of my favorite images from the website design.

The message sounds simple and even a little cheesy but it's true.

In order to achieve your dreams you have to believe in yourself.

You could have 10,000 fans who believe in you but it won't mean anything if you don't believe in yourself.

How do you begin to believe in yourself? Spend some time reminding yourself of your past victories. Remember how things look and fell before you achieved victory - but only for a moment, you have to stay in the present moment and keep your mind on the new future trying to create.

When you look back and see all you've done what you conquered and how far you've come, you'll see that you felt the same way about your last victory as you do about the current challenge that faces you.

Not only did you make it through the last challenge, but you most likely came out of it smarter, stronger, and more powrful.

So, remember that with every new life experience and give yourself the benefit and advantage of self-belief. You can do it.

I hope my designer friends and fam find this motivational. If you'd like to check out this shirt and more, go to

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