On July 1935 the Baldwin train construct with machinery pieces imported from New York first arrived at the train station in Londrina, a young city with around 600 habitants that saw that crucial moment that changed everything in the region forever.
Things aren’t all good in Brazil right now, a lot to be criticized and many changes to be made but I truly believe that we will find clarity in the dark. This project was to remind me that there is beauty behind the problems, there is room to celebrate at the same time we build and rebuild, these things walk hand in hand, yin and yang. I hope the best for my city and my country, in my opinion, the most beautiful place I have ever been, a place I miss every day, the sun, the smell of the trees, the mix between the calm and the agitate lifestyle, the delicious fruits and food from open markets and bakeries, the cooling breeze under the tree while drinking sugar cane juice, so many things, so many places, so many people.
Londrina, I love you.

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