I haven't posted here in over a year. I feel bad, I really like this community and wish I participated more. I've just been really busy at MetaLab and when it comes to Dribbble I focus more on updating our company account than my own.

Few notes:

• I quickly made and launched MAXGIF in April. It makes GIFs stupidly big and you can click to randomly view more.

Everyday 2 is always crawling closer towards launch.

My Tumblr is always the most up to date.

• A lot of MetaLab's major clients we aren't allowed to talk about, so it doesn't make it on here.

• I tend to prefer new projects secret until launch, I like the element of surprise. So I tend not to post as much in progress work, which doesn't totally mesh well with Dribbble.

• Sometimes I feel like Dribbble is generally too positive that it gives me a false sense of "oh yeah I'm awesome and this design is great just the way it is" when it may be flawed or in need of more thought. So I tend to hold back and decide for myself.

I like you Dribbble and I hope to be a real member again soon.

Follow the MetaLab account for more updates.

Posted on Nov 2, 2012

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