Dark Prayers Glassware Set

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Dark arts, black magic, the occult, secret societies - some would say these nefarious entities are the lifeblood of the world we know. Not popular conversation for those who fear the unknown or choose not to question the questionable, however, we raise a glass and gesture a silent but appreciative toast to these benefactors of the underground and above profound. Hence our purpose of creating this limited edition glassware set. An homage to the true creators of fear and darkness, order and chaos. The factors that shape our reality, keep relentless prosperity alive, and help us see another day.

Dark Prayers is a very limited custom, hand-blown black glassware set. Everything within this set is carefully crafted and handmade. Nothing has been mass produced. The glassware set is a limited edition run of only 21 available for purchase. The set includes two hand-blown scotch tumblers along with two hand-blown beer / pint glasses.

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