Shed Logo

OK, I love #2 - but it is out. It is entirely too close to the badges @letsgorally did for the National Parks App that I can't in good conscience use it. I mean it is practically the same as the arches badge. I included it because I wanted to acknowledge the amazing work they did.

For the record, I hadn't thought about those badges in about a year and this design was my front runner for about 24 hours before I started to think "I've seen that somewhere before". A quick search turned up those stamps for that app. Check @valeriejar 's site, they really are incredibly great, go check them out -

So anyone have an inclination on #'s 1, 3 and 4? I'm leaning towards #4. I'm leaning badge because I do a few things that fall under the volan moniker that aren't studio related, so the shed is the studio and I'd replace studio and the shed with the other project titles.

Designing your own stuff is so hard.

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