Osmar Axel Rivera Mejia

November 2. Day of the Deaths

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And the day, the date, the closing of a season or celebration that I love, that fascinates me by the place where I have to live it, by the traditions that my family has and with which I will continue on, the day of the dead.

These types of dates are always filled with some melancholy, happiness, some crudeness and reality but above all a certain rapprochement between generations of those who are and who are not, make us open our eyes and realize how delicate our environment is , of how fragile and valuable life is.

Last week I had the honor of participating in the “calaveras y diablitos” exhibition organized by the always great @MissGatito and @Dokkaso, whom I have just met but I soon appreciated the type of exhibition and environment they formed, from approaches between artists , even details for them, hopefully this exhibition is achieved on a larger scale to form good links between those who love to make art.

I leave my expo piece (grayscale) and its full color version, of which I will raffle 3 prints only to people from Puebla capital, it will be good because there will be another pair of prints and a book of the pieces that were part of "Skulls and devils", the rest of the details will be given in my Insta, where I also have illustrations that I do not share elsewhere, but that they might like
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/osmaraxel_mrolds/

I hope you like it and a hug much more than giant: D

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