Timee - The timer is out!

Timee splash

Today I'm glad to introduce Timee! * designers claps loudly *
Timee is a simple timer: you set it up, it warns you when time's up.

Timee is designed by me and coded by the biggest dev in the world I know: r00t!

How to use it?
● Run the app as a normal app, — you'll see circle in your status bar.
● Left-click to set and run the timer, right-click for options and close-this-app function.
To set up the counter you'll have to click on the numbers: from center to top, you'll increase 1; from center to bottom, you'll decrease 1.
Double-clicking " : " will reset the timer. Also do the Time Format option.

I love it!
We love it too! Support us by donating via PayPal and we'll release updates/fixes or hire us for you next app!

Aww, this app is free!

Anatoli, r00t.


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