Shall I make this app real?

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The amazing @Sam Soffes is on board for dev. We are super excited to bring this thing live! Soon ;)

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✘ No gradients, no shadows, no textures, ...
✔ Gesture rich, simple, minimalist, clean UI gives focus on photos (Instagram) with no fancy design element/color distraction

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This is one of many app idea I made initial designs months ago for Instagram. Found this yesterday in an old folder and made some little revisions to share here. I have many ideas for this app if I can find an iOS dev to team up.

- Swipe up image for details
- Swipe horizontally to see more images
- more to tell later...

So, shall I carry on designing and looking for an iOS developer to team up? Would you be interested in using such app?

You can follow me on Twitter for updates.

ps, thanks to keremsuer, kylesteed and brenton_clarke for beautiful photos!

btw, there is no real-pixels attachment yet, I guess I'm already showing too much at this stage.


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