Daily UI Challenge: 005

For today's challenge we were tasked with designing an app icon. For me this was definitively outside of my comfort zone as I haven't done much of these.

As I was browsing through Dribbble to get inspiration I thought to myself that I wouldn't really design an icon for any particular company or brand identity. Instead I would just have fun and create something that was just unique to me. As I started playing around with different shapes I like the pairing of a pyramid type of structure with the radio or echo waves emanating from the tip. I also couldn't stick with one color palette so I played around with a couple.

In the end I was somewhat pleased on how they came out with the little amount of time that I spent on them. Looking at them I can see how they can be used for a wireless network or radio/podcast company.

Let me know if you have any comments or feedback, thanks!

Posted on Oct 31, 2019

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