Coinmarketcap illustration doodle

I would like to describe the ideas that were inside my head while I was working on on design:

– Mosaic background - associated with digital defragmentation, digital data
– I decided to put that an octopus that is half digital half mosaic that simpholises connection of people with robots (digital technologies).
– The all-seeing eye of the dollar is a symbol of Fiat money. The pyramid is under crypto coins showing that crypto coins are cooler.
– The silhouettes of cities are Seoul and New York – two financial centers of the world, and the cities whis the largest concentration of crypto coins.
– Chips-digital currency, means and images associated with a computer technology.

If to speak about the bull and the bear with up and down arrows you know better than me.

This illustration is well suited for application on t-shirts, bags and other merch.

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Thank you

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