Intel Icons : Virtual Servers

Intel icons   virtual servers

This one was the toughest metaphor to pull off in the bunch. We tried many iterations before settling in on this one. It stands of Virtual Servers and some ghostly boxes on the top of a rack was the idea. Does anyone think there was a better metaphor to communicate "Virtual Servers" ?

Mini-Story (3/4)
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Like I said in the last shot, there was much to be learned by working in a corporate set up. First thing is that, your work needs to go through a chain of departments to get approved ; starting from the person you report to, the team working on the project, to may be the CEO. Since it's not an individual making the decision and it has to go through this chain to get the vote of approval, the feedback loop is time consuming and it could take anywhere near a week to get the critiques on your work and iterate on them. This applies even to your invoice. It has through different bureaus until it gets approved. And if you makes a mistake in it, you get to know about it a week later. You correct it, resubmit and this administrative procedures restarts and you get to wait another week. Lesson learned : Double check your invoices before submission. Another catch is that, administrative works happen only on office working days. But not everyone is so rigid in their schedule. One of the employees who helped me with the project, even found time to give critique on my work in his off-time hours. I could hear his children in the background as he assisted me in shaping these icons. Other perks are steady and good pay and a very assistive and professional team that you get to collaborate with. I would like to express my gratitude for the Intel team for providing me this opportunity. If you are reading this, thanks guys.

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