The Neuron - Digital analytics meets outdoor advertising

It’s this moment in my professional history as a Designer when publishing 1.5 years old project is not such a shameful experience anymore. Working with The Neuron (, Amman based Software and Media company was a unique and memorable experience. All stereotypes about doing business in the Middle East got crashed. I discovered the highly professional and inclusive working culture, everyone spoke excellent English not only effortlessly, but it felt like it was more comfortable to have event internal communication in English rather than Arabic. But the most remarkable was the Hospitality! I have got to experience the best of Jordanian culture from all possible on a week-journey side: fantastic family dinner, company dinner, a cocktail party with local VIP guests whom I didn’t know, and relaxing weekend by the dead sea. And after all, I am proud that our team efforts brought results - the product is live and happy to serve the Middle Eastern market!

Posted on Oct 29, 2019

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