Intel Icons : Database Restoration

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Intel Icons : Database Restoration 128px intel iconsutra icon database restore drums

Second icon from the Intel Set. This is a metaphor for "Database Restoration". And this remains my favourite icon of the bunch ;)

Mini-Story (2/4)
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Seeing that I was not getting a reply from the them, I started taking up other client works. I worked for some startups as well as indie developers. But like it says in the opening scene of Swingers, the reply came back one day, but it was when I had completely moved on. Though snowed under other work, I was able to finish them off in time and take up this job. I started off by doing the 4 icons that I'm showcasing now. But little did I know that the work was to span more than a year. I worked from 2010 till 2011. I got first hand experience in how working at a corporate with a chain of departments would be like and insights into the policies and procedures that influence your work by collaborating closely with the team on building icons like these and their web interface. I will be sharing what I learned in the next shot.

To be continued...

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