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The adaptations of the Tyrannosaurus to modern life are remarkable. However, the species' inability to vocalize the range of discernible tones necessary for human-understandable speech serves as a significant barrier to its obvious desire to involve itself in society at large. Painfully aware of this limitation, the Tyrannosaurus seems to actively restrict participation to only those social environments where its severe lack of vocabulary is not immediately obvious. They are often seen debating the merits of certain digital image formats, eating out at sushi bars, and employed at butcher shops. They have even made a significant impact on the dieting industry, promoting the consumption of uncooked, unprocessed foods. Recreationally, the Tyrannosaurus seems to immensely enjoy staging social gatherings similar to what a human would call a "barbecue." Further study is needed to give "voice" to the motivations of this singularly understood animal.


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