Joe Barrett

Fuel Economy Dashboard

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Fuel Economy Dashboard app orange graph chart blue whitespace stats data blur fuel economy car mileage futura iphone ios ui ux animations

Been a while. This is what I've been working on lately while I dip my toes into app development. I wanted to create something simple that I'd use and maybe a few others would too. I commute every day and I keep track of my mileage and fill ups and figured I'd make it my first app I develop.

This is actually a version back design as I've made some updates to this screen, specifically some of the coloring at the bottom and spacing tweaks. As I build it out more I'll post some more shots for some feedback. I'd love to here what some of you think about it.

Follow me on Twitter to get updates on it as I get closer to launch as I'll be looking for people to test it.

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