Sanjin Halilovic

Visual Brand Identity for 13th Sarajevo Sberbank Half Marathon

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Client: NGO Marathon Sarajevo

Concept: Idea and concept for 13. Sarajevo half marathon visuals is to show elements symbolizing Winter Olympic Games which were hosted in Sarajevo 35 years ago. Olympic flame at Koševo stadium, together with the runners silhouette, is in the main focus of the visuals. The main form represents ground plan of the stadium, with the track containing typography.

Olympic flame was used as it is one of the main symbols of Olympic Games. The goal was to share the memory of the Olympic city with the half marathon runners as this year is the 35th anniversary of the Sarajevo Winter Olympic Games, Sarajevo will be the host city of EYOF and the half marathon will take place at Koševo stadium, all which will evoke emotions and the Olympic spirit of the city.

Design and Concept: Sanjin Halilovic
GIF Animation: Anaid Mekic
Photography: Dražen Filipović, Adi Kebo, Vekas Duranovic, Muamer Kolar, Moje Trcanje, NGO Marathon

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