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Now playing view for an iPhone music player app. I've been quite unhappy with the design/functionality of the new Music app in iOS 6, so at some point I'll implement this as a replacement.

In this view, the idea is that the app will determine the 'average' color of the current album art, and then massage it a bit to make sure it fits within acceptable hue/brightness thresholds. Then that color will be used as the background color of the bottom part of the view, fading into the album art. This creates a seamless UI that adapts to the current album cover.

Playback is controlled primarily with gestures (as is the entire app)- swipe left and right for prev/next, single-tap to play/pause, double-tap to show the queue, drag the 'handle' at the top up/down to switch between the now playing/library views.

Stay tuned for more views.

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