Hello Dribble!

Hello Dribble!

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I am very excited and honored to finally be a part of this wonderful community of designers that inspire me. I think I am most excited to finally be able to comment!

Here is the PSD for this design so you can really get to know me better, and let me know how I can improve: http://d.pr/f/VQJ2

I want to thank my good friend James Dixon (http://dribbble.com/jdixon) for drafting me. Dude, sushi on me.

I am going through a new season of my life, out to change my destiny, and start chasing my dreams. I want to design applications that people love, and nothing is going to hold me back. My mantra has always been "Dream, think, do." and it's time to live that. I'm spending all my free time designing out these ideas I have had for a long time. After that I wont stop until I get them built.

So please feel free to follow me as I embark on this journey. You can follow updates here or on twitter @jonshariat https://twitter.com/jonshariat

P.S. I also am an editor for http://www.uxcandy.net where we bring daily UX inspiration. Check it out!

Last but not least... Hello dribble!

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