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Hey all 🤩

I’m pretty excited to present two different variants of the in-app share function of a current project we are working on.

⬅️ On the left screen, we are going with a more interactionable approach. The user will be able to slide horizontally through a list of users he interacts with the most. The advantage is that we need less space in height to display more users in comparison to the other approach. Since the users are arranged next to each other, we have less space in width to e.g display the verified checkmark, the subline or, depending on the length, the full name.

➡️ On the right screen we arranged the users below each other. The disadvantage is that we have to set a fixed number of users to be displayed, so that the bottom sheet does not overlay too much of the content. Most of the users should be familiar with this kind of approach since it’s a standard mobile UX pattern, used in e.g. Instagram or Facebook.

🤔 What do you think? Which version would you go with, and why? Let's discuss in the comments ⬇️


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