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I started using Sketch 2 yesterday, and to start learning the app I made some small icons. I'm still trying to figure out how to fix jagged edges and how to manipulate paths properly, but so far it's quite good! It also lets you export @2x without doing anything, so I've included those in the attachment. Of course if I were to seriously create these I'd completely re-do the @2x icons. It's a nice feature, but it probably works better with larger graphics.

I thought I'd share the file with you guys to see how I did things. I made it using the beta rather than the app from the app store (because for some reason the app store version kept clearing the file, so I switched to the beta).

(These icons are obviously not my best work, I know that, you know that :3 This was really just practice learning a new tool, so I'm not really looking for feedback).

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