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Had a great day yesterday after attending the Mashape hackday with my friend and backend developer Brendan and winning first prize!

Our demo was called LyricsYo! and used the Musixmatch Lyrics API to pull the lyrics from the weekly Billboard Charts then run those lyrics through a text processing API and sentiment analysis.

We then can pull some really interesting trends from this data. Who swears the most? Who keeps singing about sex? Who is the most materialistic? Who has the most whiny song?

Then taking this further we'll be able to see trends over time. How much has profanity in songs increase over the last 20 years? Have songs been more negative or positive during the economic crisis?

We presented our demo and won first prize - we're putting the site live in the next few days (i'll post the link here) but I thought I would share my designs for the site. I'm pretty tired and can hopefully fix some things after I get some rest

Full Pixels Here

It's live and working! www.tuner.io

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