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Icon fonts sallee design web font typography glyph

I truly believe icon fonts are the future. Even if they have a couple of cons (sharpness, style), they are gona make their way (they did already) into the web and will become an important part of a designers job.

It's been a while I wanted to try to make my own icon font. Now it's done. I spent a good amount of time working and figuring the pixel hinting. After tedious hours I finally found an effective workflow to optimize icons to a 16px grid.

Here's a font I'm developping for my own website sallledesign. i've decided to include even my logo in there (the staches). The set is not complete but on a good way since i've got everything for my header and footer.

I will surelly write a "tutorial" to help you folks get an effective workflow and make your own sharp icon fonts.

What you're seeing there is straight up the font at 32 and 16px sizes.

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