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Wedding Planner - Wedding list 📜

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Hello again on this sunny Wednesday morning! 👋
You’ve already seen the dashboard of the Wedding planner — today let’s focus on the product from the bride 👰 perspective.

How we helped? 🧐
My job was to create a visually clean wedding list for future brides & grooms 🤵. Apart from crafting an appealing UI, designing a proper customer experience of the shopping cart played a big role in the project. Additionally, gluing these two features together, so that they seamlessly work with each other was an engaging design challenge.

More about Wedding Planner 💍
The product allows wedding planners to work collaboratively with their clients to create personalized product lists for a dream wedding.
Wedding Planner helps to save time on each new event by sharing favorite items and themes with clients.

Mobile screens are on the way 🚔 See you tomorrow!

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