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Diversity and Inclusion Brand Identity

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The Project: With a leader who made diversity and inclusion a priority and individuals volunteering their time outside of their day-to-day work, the Braintree Diversity and Inclusion Program was born.

Today, the team has grown to include recruitment, internal training, outreach initiatives, and internal ERG (employee resource groups) representing many different diversity "dimensions" within our organization.

In order to unify and give our program it's own identity, I researched and conceptualized how to bring D&I into the Braintree brand.

Color was one of the most important elements. I started with blue, orange, green, and red—our secondary colors. I then added yellow and purple, together these 6 colors made up the core colors of the rainbow, nodding to pride. I added five skin tones based on the Fitzpatrick Scale, which was used in the creation of the diverse emojis. These 11 colors formed our new color palette.

The logo was formed next—naming was the key to this mark. We started with "Braintree Inclusion & Diversity", but later changed it (after we launched) when we decided to be consistent with what others in the world were using—"Braintree Diversity & Inclusion".

From there additional assets were made including presentation templates, stickers, pins, email templates, training materials, and logos for each ERG.

My involvement with the Diversity & Inclusion team through design and through my role as an ERG lead are what I am most proud of in my time at Braintree.

Read more about the experience and process here:

Diversity & Inclusion @ Braintree

As our industry finds itself at the center of the conversation about workplace diversity, we must shine a light down our own halls and ensure we’re being reflective of the people who use the products we build.

With this call to self-awareness comes a responsibility to continually make things better than they are. We’re on the hook now. We acknowledge that we have room to grow, and we push ourselves to reach out and actively elevate those who might otherwise be suppressed. We do this through the events we host, the education we support, and the jobs we offer—in the hope that the change we bring about today will ripple through the larger community.

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