Screeny shot oct 17  2012 10.05.47 pm

So last thursday I got a new idea for an app. So i built it. Went fast and only took 5 days. I even took my normal days off and worked on other stuff! This is a personal record for me :)
The app's tagline is "Payments Made Simple"... to give you a hint.

What you see here is a Screeny shot from safari.
There are no images used. It's pure CSS and the icons are curtosy of my Pictos Font Server :)

Checkout the video: to see some of the fun animations touches I was able to add. The app even has custom CSS for the different iPhone orientations, which is great cuz I only have 1 interface for all devices! (i think some people refer to this as "responsive ;)

I'll more than likely be announcing this app tomorrow on The Industry Radio Show. You can listen live if you want:

I'll post more info here on the Dribbbs tomorrow!

UPDATE: It's launched!

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