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Hi Dribbblers đź‘‹

We have tried to gamify the rewards and referral experience that is quintessential in e-commerce stores these days.

Our hypothesis is that the current experience offered by most stores is full of obstacles and requires significant effort from the user. We have tried to gamify how users are rewarded for referrals and their engagement with the website to mitigate the earlier problem.

We are calling the app, whose UI we have made, Shopiness. Shopiness’ rewards program has 4 components

A. Badges (labels given as per the level of usage)
B. Referrals
C. Coupons (discounts won by the user)
D. Coins (money equivalent won by the user)

Highlights of the Shopiness’ rewards UI

1. A Shopiness’ user will see all the 4 types of rewards, that he is eligible for, on a disc.

2. The disc will be divided into 4 parts- each representing the kind of reward.

3. Under Badges, the user will see all the badges he has won. Moreover, he will get the idea of his current stage based on the badges that he hasn’t won yet- indicated by fade-out.

4. Under Referrals, the user will see all the contacts referred by him. Additionally, he can also seamlessly filter who has accepted, declined or held up his request.

5. Under coupons, the user will see all the coupons available to him. He will also see the expiry date alongside the discount.

made in @Adobe XD

I hope you like it :)

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