My final first practical piece for my Yr 12 Stage 2 Art, entitled 'Goliath'.

This piece is based upon the story of David and Goliath, a timeless classic from the Bible, exhibiting strong archetypes that have repeated throughout history, and to this day remain strong. It's about the hero versus the shadow (See Jungian archetypes), about good defeating evil and standing up for what's right.

Yet, I encourage you to debate this as the viewer. Ask yourself, is the hero the boy? Is the mech really the enemy? Perhaps the boy's life is spared? Perhaps the mech represents the Mujahideen standing up against the gung ho American soldiers? Perhaps the US has lost something about itself with each 'victory'.

I decided to avoid any clear marking or identification of the country the battle is situated in, and the sides of the boy and the mech, to encourage the viewer to make up their own story line.

It's up to you to decide what you see, as a viewer, you're welcome to come up with your own interpretations.

This piece has been created by merging traditional illustration, and digital painting, along with overlaid textures. I haven't attempted such a piece before, and it has been a real test of my skill, and along the way I have refined and improved my digital paintings skills.

The mech was great to paint, and working the steel texture in there was a lot of fun, and the flamethrower was especially fun to paint. I've never put much time into painting people, so painting the boy was a challenge, but I think he turned out nicely (proportions could do with some work...). Oh, and the corpses and skeletons, oh my god that was joyous to paint, I love seeing how far I can go with painting or illustrating something gory, and how sick I can make myself feel, and just push the gore to an extreme point. My favourites are the skull in the helmet in the bottom middle of the piece, and the torso on the right with the intestines wrapped around the broken ribs.

I hope you guys like this, I know I sure do!


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