Joanna Varró

Life goes up and down

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Sometimes we go up and sometimes down. Life is crap. For everyone: poor, rich educated or not. How can we keep going up? I believe that the secret is in how we handle the crisis. One thing that kept me going no matter what are my habits.

In the beginning, it was hard as the first running for a beginner. But as we keep practicing the run every day, our muscles get used to it and eventually it stops hurting. It is the same with good habits.

To start with good habits we need to get rid of the bad ones first. The first thing that went out of the window in our house was the TV. The best decision of my life. Another bad habit for me was doing too many things at once. Now, I have on my whiteboard just two tasks that I need to complete today. Find 3 habits that stop you from achieving your goal (relationship, career or simply being happier). Kill it.

The next step is to find 3 good habits that will get you closer to having mostly good days. It is hard. Sometimes, when my daughter gave us sleepless nights and the sky is falling down with work and our motivation, all I wanna do is stay in bed and cry. My anxiety creeps in and tells me that I cannot save the world anyway. But I look up at my board and get my two things done anyway. I stick to the plan. It is extremely hard to start but once I am out of pajama and drawing, life gets brighter. It helps me get away from negative thoughts and focus on the good side. Another good habit that I implemented is that I prepare a full plate of fruits and avocado for my workday. I touch nothing else till we cook with kids. It makes me feel better about the day and more accomplished.

Getting the habits rolling is hard, but once you are past the first days it will get encoded in your brain as something natural. Involve the full family. Support from others helps you to keep moving when you want to give up. It will be an amazing example for your children.

If you would like to dive deep on this topic I highly recommend a book by Darren Hardy “The Compound Effect”. What are your 3 worst habits? What will be the 3 good habits that you will start today?

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