Ink & Marker Wireframes


Been experimenting with very loose wireframe sketches as a starting place on IA/wireframing projects at work.

Last week I use an A4 gridded pad and sketched out wireframes with a very fine 0.38mm Uniball gel pen, then highlighted areas of the wireframes with a warm gray Copic sketch marker.

I found the process incredibly enjoyable, and like how the wireframe sketches have turned out. They were quick, the gray provided depth and focus on certain areas.

I was surprisingly loose using a pen, probably because I didn't bother with any straight edge or triangle to make any straight lines. By staying loose, I had fun just drawing and capturing what was in my head.

So, if you're looking for something different, maybe give this approach a try. I'm already planning to purchase a set of gray Copic markers so I can continue this wireframing process on my web and UI projects.

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