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Bible Meditation App - Test

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1. Get what users have as problems in their personal lives inside the app.

2. Get as many subscribed users as possible who pay money at $60 per year.

Came up with this
I suggest that since the target client here is seeking for help so he/she wants to talk like some human approach that can really help it is like a synthetic experience that can mimic human conversation between the app and the users.
Problem is you have to sign up before you can use the app and I came up with my recent study that user tend to leave the app before they even try it. Most of the user preferred to use the app as soon as they on-board with out signing in. etc.

They can get hooked by using gamification or something that they can get rewards for them to use the app again and again. Ex. sharing this app to a friend and get free 1 video meditation or something like that. = more sign up and subscription.


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